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i’m like a bitter old man except i’m a teenage girl

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Hello seestras. Good to see you.

#Cloneplay at San Diego Comic-Con. 

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i was teaching my grandma to use computer so we can talk on skype and such but today she went kinda mad at me because “i didnt show her the knitting programme” and i was like what

and it comes out she accidentally opened ms excel and found out its a great way to create knitting patterns


my grandma is 82


The street finds its own uses.

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this hedgehog is cheering for u bc u can do anything image

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There is always a time for a cup of coffee by *December Sun on Flickr.

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Expectation vs reality: tickle attacks


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Being on Tumblr during Comic Con is like watching all of your friends go to Hogsmeade without you

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i’m all for boys wearing makeup mostly because if more of them got into it there’d be a bigger market and it wouldn’t cost $25 for an eyeshadow primer anymore

i can’t wait to go into the makeup aisle to get the latest man-color of guyshadow that comes in containers shaped like bullets and footballs

"Bruh I just went to sephora and got the sickest shade of eyeshadow"
"Sick dude what’s it called"
"Monster truck gas fumes"

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